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10 ghz transverter

Above 23cms, the most popular amateur microwave band is 10GHz, also known as 3cms. With the advent of the UK 'lifetime' licence in 2006, the 10GHz band became available to all classes of UK licensee. It can accomodate a wide variety of modes including narrowband DX, ATV, EME etc. A wide variety of old and new hardware is available for this band.

The WA7GIE 10 GHz beacon. At the time that this transverter was constructed, the WA7GIE 10 GHz beacon operated on approximately 10368.120 MHz - plus/minus 5 to 10 kHz, depending.

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The VHF /UHF board is located under the IF board subassembly. 10 GHz Transverter Construction. The IF frequency is 50 MHz for an RF frequency of 10,368.0 MHz. The receiver front-end consists of a homebrew pHEMT LNA, When I say homebrew, I mean. Home Forums > Technical Forums > Homebrew and Kit Projects >. 160-meter transverter.. 10 ghz transverter. transverter. 1296 mhz. 12ghz. microwave amplifier. 10 ghz antenna. 10 ghz microwave. 10 ghz power amplifier. Tell us what you think - opens in new ....

The MKU 10 G5, 3 cm Transverter caters more to the European 10 GHz spectrum demands for the geostationary amateur radio satellite Es’Hail-2. Devoted to QRP and Amateur Radio homebrewing. XV Series Transverters. For the K2 and Most HF Rigs.

10 mW use 1/4W res . DC Rg DC Rail to Rail Op amp Totem pole configuration , Very low output impedance , drive capacitive loads , and provide GaAs FET with forward and reverse Gate.

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